Friday, January 5, 2018

Christmas Tree Collection Starts January 9

The City will start collecting natural Christmas trees on Tuesday, January 9, 2018. Trees will be picked up for recycling within three weeks of this date, but not necessarily on residents' scheduled waste collection days.

Residents are asked to:
  • Set natural Christmas trees out for collection by 7 a.m. on Tuesday, January 9, 2018.
  • Place their un-bagged tree on its side next to garbage bags.
  • Cut extra-large trees into two-metre (approximately six-foot) lengths.
  • Remove all ornaments, tinsel, garlands, nails, screws, and tree stands, so that the trees are acceptable for composting.
Apartment and condominium residents can take their natural Christmas trees, free of charge until January 31, 2018 to:

  • One of the City's Community Recycling Depots (place the tree next to the entrance or exit of the depot and make sure it does not block access).
  • One of the City's four Eco Stations (staff will guide you to where you can place your tree).
Christmas trees should not be placed in or near apartment garbage or recycling bins.

In 2017, the City collected 10,779 trees, weighing over 115 tonnes, for recycling. Trees are chipped and composted at the Edmonton Waste Management Centre. The City uses the wood chips to make various types of compost for horticulture, agriculture, and land reclamation.

The Reuse Centre accepts articial tree donations, as long as the tree is in a box and includes all parts. The donated trees are made available for purchase by organizations and individuals for reuse.

Visit for more information.

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Tell One Friend: Donate Christmas Décor to the Reuse Centre

During the holiday season, the Reuse Centre offers tonnes of Christmas items to happy shoppers. Shoppers really like them. Donate items like gift wrap, ornaments, new and used cards, and artificial Christmas trees.

Now is a great time to donate Christmas items and Christmas décor to the Reuse Centre. They will store it and sell it next year.

Prompt your friends, family, neighbours, and co-workers.

Model the Norm
"I have too much Christmas stuff at home. We are collecting some items to donate to the Reuse Centre.
How about you?”

Prompt Them
"I see you have these Christmas cards, wrapping paper, and ornaments. Put them in your Eco Station box.
Did you know that the Eco Stations take donations for the Reuse Centre, too?”

One Small Ask
"Will you donate this Christmas decoration to the Reuse Centre? You will make someone really happy next fall. And that’s the spirit of the season.”

All that new stuff from the holiday season can be a challenge. Make some space by bringing even more items to the Reuse Centre. Donate these items too.

Lots of other organizations that take donations for reuse. You can find suggestions on the Reuse Directory.

Visit for more about the Reuse Centre.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Litter Audit Reveals a Cleaner City

Citizens, community groups and businesses worked together throughout the past year to help make Edmonton cleaner this year. The results of Capital City Clean Up's 2017 Litter Audit show a continued trend towards less litter on Edmonton's streets.

"The results of this year's Litter Audit show big improvements in the amount of littler on Edmont's streets," said Don Belanger, manager of Capital City Clean Up. "This downward trend in littler is thanks to thousands of volunteers, many community groups and local businesses that continue to step up and get involved."

The audit was conducted by AET Group in June which examined litter type and size at 123 preselected locations across Edmonton as well as along Yellowhead Trail between 107 Street NW and the Beverly Bridge.


Since last year:

  • 35 per cent reduction in large litter
  • 26 per cent reduction in small litter
Since 2009 when the audits began:

  • 74 per cent reduction in large litter
  • 59 per cent reduction in small litter
Along Yellowhead Trail:

  • 50 per cent reduction in large litter from the last audit in 2014
  • 19 per cent reduction in large litter from the baseline audit in 2010
Miscellaneous plastic and cigarette butts continue to account for the majority of large and small litter found. Although cigarette litter counts decreased, more work is still needed to address areas such as traffic intersections and locations where smokers congregate to smoke. Estimates show that more than 900 million cigarettes are smoked each year in Edmonton. More than 67 million butts are collected annually in the City of Edmonton's 719 outdoor ashtrays located in 13 commercial districts city wide.

Capital City Clean Up's 2018 litter management program will continue in the spring. It promotes a unified approach to keeping Edmonton clean by engaging volunteers, schools, community groups and local businesses.

Results of the litter audits since 2009 are available to the City of Edmonton's Open Data Portal.


Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Tell One Friend: How to Have #WastelessHolidays

#Wasteless Holidays Giveaway
You - and your friends can share your holiday tips, tricks and examples for reducing waste. From now until January 7, post your ideas on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #WastelessHolidays for a chance to win.
  • Submit as many entries as you like.
  • Prizes include family passes to Edmonton attractions, gift baskets from the Reuse Centre, or a composting package.
  • Note: Each entrant can win a maximum of one prize. Winners selected by random draw.

Start a Conversation
"The holiday season always seems to create more garbage. What do you do to keep your holiday waste down?" List. Ask more. Keep the conversation about them.

Create an Ally
"I want to enter the #WastelessHolidays Giveaway. Can you help me find some holiday ideas to reduce waste?"

One Small Ask
"I love this holiday tradition you have. Would you post that on facebook as #WastelessHolidays?"

Visit for more info and full giveaway rules.

Tuesday, December 5, 2017

MCR Refresher: 6 Things MCRs Should Know about the Reuse Centre

It was great to see MCRs, last Thursday. Here are highlights from our chat.

1. Ten Years of Growth & Change
The Reuse Centre has kept over 1,500 tonnes of waste out of the landfill and welcomed over 200,000 customer visits to donate and shop.

The Reuse Centre is bigger and busier than ever. More donations. More items. More diverted from landfill. More volunteers. This isn't a tiny Centre any more.

Then again... A busy facility means keeping a fair system for all. MCRs are like any other customer. We pay the regular $5 fee. And we only drop off items from the Accepted Items List.

2. Products & Pricing
  • The List of Accepted Items evolves, over time.
  • Changes happen every year, based on careful consideration including Customer Satisfaction Surveys, in-store wishlists, and feedback from staff and volunteers.
  • Criteria for Accepted Items:
    • Items that will sell in the store.
    • Avoid competing with other second-hand organizations.
  • Current Pricing:
3. Teaming up to Reduce Waste
  • Residents can donate items to the Reuse Centre at any Eco Station.
    Just make sure the bag or box is clearly labelled.
  • Goodwill Alberta sends donations that do not sell on their shelves to the Reuse Centre, like VHS tapes, photo frames, and baskets.
4. Lots of Volunteering
Over 300 volunteers help sort items, lead tours, assist with crafting workshops, and write for the Reuse-It Edmonton blog. And volunteering at the Reuse Centre has changed too.

Group Sorting
  • Groups of volunteers (4 to 20 people) can schedule a shift to sort items. This also means there aren't drop-in opportunities for individuals. Yes, there are lots of groups who want to volunteer.
  • There are 2 MCR sorting groups. Contact Rodney or Helene to connect with them.
Individual Volunteering
5. A Volunteer's Joy: "One Free Purchase"
Volunteers who sort at least one hour get one free purchase in the store.
Some common-sense conditions apply:
  • up to 50kg (just like one regular purchase)
  • shop after your shift, not before
  • shop the same day, and
  • everyone shops from the store (not from the Sorting Room).
6. Turn on the Programs
The Reuse Centre now hosts group programs, birthday parties, reuse workshops, and even boardroom rentals. Also, there are special events like Family Day and drop-in crafting sessions.

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